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You Have 24 Hours to Run the Con

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Name:Run the Con
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What is this challenge about?
runthecon is a flash writing challenge for the White Collar fandom, and is limited to the writers who sign up for each round. Some rounds might be themed (hurt/comfort or schmoop or porn), but others will be open to any genre, except RPS/RPF.

But how does it work?
At the start of each round, one of the mods will tag the first participant, and give them a prompt. That person then has no more than twenty-four (24) hours to write a fic, post it to the comm, and tag the next person with a prompt. Then that person has 24 hours, etc.

So, I get 24 hours from the time I realize I'm being tagged, right?
Actually, no. Your 24 hours start when the tag is pay attention! You should either have entries to this comm tracked (engaging the tracking feature) or have LJ pingbacks turned on so you get an email when your username is mentioned. Due to different time zones, that might in theory mean that you get tagged while you're asleep or in school/at work. The closer attention you pay to the comm, the bigger the chances of quickly realizing you got tagged!

What if I can't write/finish/post my story within those 24 hours?
If a tagged writer cannot complete their story within 24 hours, or if they have a conflict that day, all the writer needs to do is post to the comm saying they have to pass. In that same post, the writer must also tag another participant. You can either pass on the prompt you received or come up with a new prompt. Just make sure that you pass within your alloted 24 hours! If you do, then you’ll stay on the list of available writers and can be tagged again at a later time. If you don’t do it within the 24 hours, we’ll drop you from the list completely for this round. Please keep in mind that you can NOT appoint someone else to tag out for you. Do it yourself!

This "pass" thing sounds awesome! How many times can I pass?
Everyone gets one (1) free pass per round. But if a writer passes a second time, they'll be removed from the list of available writers for this round.

If I'm removed from the list of writers, does that mean I won't be allowed to participate in future rounds?
No - everyone can sign up again for the next round as long as they actively passed a second time or contacted a mod to say they have to default. If you vanish into thin air without warning, you might be temp banned from the next round though.

Okay, let's do this! Anything I need to keep in mind when writing? Do we have a word count?
There is no minimum or maximum word count. It’s all up to you! If you feel inspired and manage to type really fast, feel free to write an epic! If all you have time for is a drabble, that's fine too.

What about other posting rules?
You can post fic directly in the comm or in your LJ or on AO3, with a link back to the comm. It’s up to you. Either way, PLEASE use a header in the comm itself that mentions title, author, rating, warnings, pairing and a brief summary of the fic.

So, there are no rules on characters or pairings or ratings or genres or warnings or...?
Authors can choose any White Collar character (not any of the actors!) and/or pairing they’d like and can fill the prompt left by the tagger in any fashion they choose. This isn't an exchange and writers do not have to take likes and dislikes of the tagger into consideration.
The same goes for ratings or genres - unless the current round has a specific theme (no PWP during a "gen" round, no crack/humor during an "angst" round, etc.).
If you choose to write porn, all kinks and scenarios are fair game. You may (but do not have to) list the kinks, but should add warnings, if needed.
Either way, please always use warnings in your header, as applicable.

What warnings are considered "applicable" then?
Consent issues, death/grieving/loss, violence, abuse/self-harm
If unsure about a potential warning, feel free to ask a mod.
Do NOT warn for pairings, slash, het, threesomes or poly!

Alrighty, I get all that. But how does the actual tagging work?
When it's your turn to tag someone, choose a (not already crossed off) name from the master participant list (which will be made into a sticky post and appear as the first entry for this community) and then leave a brief, generic, non-pairing-specific and non-character-specific prompt. (So, "stormy weather" is a good prompt. "Neal - sunbathing" or "Peter/El - anniversary" is not.)
The tagging can be done in the same post as the one you post your fic in, or a separate one...but it must be made to this community so the person being tagged will see it. Please use the LJ user name coding or highlight the username and click on the lj name icon in the post window, so the participant will get a ping back.

I got tagged! What do I need to do now?
When you are tagged, comment to the tagging post so everyone knows you’ve seen your challenge. Then start writing!
If you are tagged but can’t do your turn, then just post to the comm saying you need to pass and tag someone else. Do NOT comment to the tagging post when you have to pass. Post a new entry.

One last question: How long will the challenge run?
The length of the challenge will depend on how many people sign up. (Five participants = five days. Twenty = twenty days. Etc.)
If you decide you want/need to default, PLEASE just let a mod know. Don’t just disappear or ignore your tag.

Okay, one very last question: What do I do if I have a question that's not answered here?
Feel free to PM one of the mods!


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